Mrs S Laing

Executive Headteacher

‘Learn, Enjoy, Believe, Achieve’


Little Parndon School became part of the Burnt Mill Academy Trust in April 2014.

The Trust is a co-operative of six schools – Burnt Mill, Forest Hall, Little Parndon, Freshwaters, Cooks Spinney and Roydon.


I became Head of School in September 2014 after spending 15 years teaching at Burnt Mill Academy.

I have been fully committed to working with the children, parents and professionals in the town at secondary level.  I have experience from an ADT class teacher and a Director of Learning to Assistant Head Teacher with whole school responsibility for SEN, Inclusion, Safeguarding, Primary Liaison and Teaching and Learning.


The opportunity to move into Primary was incredibly exciting for me. Every day working with the children, staff and parents of Little Parndon Primary school is rewarding and a job I am very passionate about.


It is a privilege to be able to guide and nurture the children from the very beginning of their educational experience when they enter school at the age of four and five. It is from this point that

I consider my secondary background a real strength when working with the primary school age children. I am fully aware of the whole educational experience each child faces and am in a position as Head of School to prepare them for that journey and the multiple challenges that they will face on the way.


There is very clear behaviour and conduct policy at Little Parndon, including a zero tolerance approach to any form of bullying. We have high expectations of all school members, from the children to the staff and other adults including parents.


I firmly believe that every child has a special gift and it is our responsibility to ensure they are supported and have the confidence to find it.


The core values that guide me every day in my approach to being the Head of School at Little Parndon is:


·         What is the impact on the children?

·         Do the children benefit from what we are doing?

·         Are all individual needs met?

·         Are we giving all of our children, no matter their background, the same opportunities as the rest of the schools in Harlow and the United Kingdom?


I have recently become Executive Headteacher across both Little Parndon Primary and Freshwaters Primary Academy. I am looking forward to my new role and the exciting oppertunities it will bring.