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Prince charming visits Little Parndon

Prince charming visits Little Parndon

Posted: 7th February 2018

Once upon a time, Prince Charming found a shoe - and wrote to pupils in Harlow asking for help in finding the owner.

Pupils in Turner and Hockney classes at Little Parndon Primary Academy wrote back to the prince asking for more information about the shoe.

Prince Charming replied, telling pupils the shoe was seven cubes long.

Stephanie Galliers, EYFS teacher, said: “Hockney and Turner Class became very busy and measured their own shoes and everything else in sight to try to find out who the shoe belonged to.

“Both classes replied to Prince Charming sending all of their measurements and asking if we could meet him. A couple of moons later, Prince Charming sent a reply, thanking us for helping him and saying he would love to meet us, too. He invited us to a ball in the ball room. We all made shopping lists of food we would like, cooked and dressed up for an amazing event.

“Prince Charming – executive principal Allan Osborne - arrived on his horse and we danced the hour away until the clock struck 12 and Prince Charming had to rush off before his coach turned into a pumpkin.”

Mr Osborne is leader of the west Essex hub of schools in the Burnt Mill Academy Trust.

Mrs Galliers said: “All the work we have done this term was aimed towards this event. It gave the children a purpose for learning and made learning fun.”

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