At Little Parndon, Science is taught throughout the school from Foundation Stage to Year 6.  We enable children to develop their knowledge and understanding of scientific ideas, processes and skills.  We encourage ways of thinking, discovery and communicating ideas.  We also give opportunities for explaining values and attitudes through Science.

Science at Little Parndon teaches the children the most robust information about the way the universe works that has so far become available to us.  It aims to stimulate a child’s curiosity in finding out why things happen in the way they do.  It teaches methods of enquiry and investigations to stimulate creative thought.  Children learn to ask scientific questions and begin to appreciate the way science will affect their future on a personal, national, and global level.


At Little Parndon teachers will provide opportunities for pupils to:

·         Learn about science, where possible, through first-hand experiences;

·         Develop their research skills through the appropriate use of secondary sources;

·         Work collaboratively in pairs, groups and/or individually;

·         Plan and carry out investigations with an increasing systematic approach as they progress through the school;

·         Develop their questioning, predicting, observing, measuring and interpreting skills;

·         Record their work in a variety of ways e.g. writing, diagrams, graphs, tables;

·         Record and spell scientific vocabulary appropriate for their age.

·         Be motivated and inspired by engaging and interactive science displays which include key vocabulary and relevant          questions.

·         Learn about science using the outdoor learning environment.